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Terms & Conditions
  • Players must deposit $50 or more each week to participate
  • Weekly play begins on Mondays at 2:00am EST, and ends at 1:59pm on Sundays
  • Scoreboard resets every Monday at 2:00am EST
  • Only players on the scoreboard will receive prizes
  • Prizes amounts are presented according to rank
  • Points do not roll over and are used to calculate rank in current week
  • This promotion runs through January 13th 2013
  • General Terms & Conditions apply
Game Points are calculated in this way:
  • 1 point for every $20 in bets placed
  • 1 point for every $200 deposited
Rank Bonus
1 $600
2 $400
3 $350
4-10 $300
11-20 $200
21-40 $150
41-70 $100
71-100 $90
101-130 $70
131-160 $60
161-200 $50
201-250 $30
251-350 $20
Last month's Turkey Escape Winners

Agnes S. (ka….h5) WON $20
Angela M. (an….ns) WON $70
Anthony M. (lo….48) WON $400
Audrey D. (ad….ey) WON $400
Ava F. (ab….76) WON $70
Barbara B. (gr….ey) WON $70
Bianca P. (bu….33) WON $70
Bobby H. (bj….jr) WON $70
Cari C. (ca….mp) WON $400
Carol W. (ca….dy) WON $70
Charles S. (me….rs) WON $400
Charles W. (cp….11) WON $70
Cindy D. (al….23) WON $70
Coleen W. (co….nw) WON $400
Colleen L. R. (sk….um) WON $400
Connie P. (bo….ky) WON $70
Dana R. (qu….ps) WON $20
Deborah T. (de….em) WON $600
Donna B. (ja….rl) WON $70
Donna G. (bi….49) WON $70
Elaine S. (ew….52) WON $400
Ella C. (JK….in) WON $70
Ellie H. (el….ss) WON $70
Flint B. (ny….al) WON $20
Gail S. (qu….by) WON $70
Gary S. (ch….ub) WON $70
Gary W. (ea….re) WON $70
Ginger W. (gi….ee) WON $400
Greg N. (gr….la) WON $70
Hakima Y. (so….68) WON $30
Heather M. (hm….21) WON $400
Ilana S. (il….10) WON $400
Isabelle S. (sp….89) WON $400
James B. (ja….na) WON $400
James M. (jt….44) WON $20
Jan F. (ja….or) WON $70
Jane G. (sh….t6) WON $400
Jeannette B. (we….ls) WON $70
Jennifer D. (be….30) WON $400
Jennifer H. (je….ns) WON $70
Jenny Than D. (hi….ng) WON $500
Jeremiah C. (jj….07) WON $70
Joseph M. (ho….la) WON $70
Josh C. (jo….er) WON $100

Judith M. (ju….lo) WON $400
Katherine C. (kc….ey) WON $70
Kenneth W. (bi….er) WON $400
Kimhan F. (sa….ff) WON $400
Laura D. (lo….on) WON $70
Linda C. (ep….e6) WON $400
Linda C. (li….52) WON $400
Lisa B. (li….31) WON $70
Lucille C. (lo….od) WON $400
Manoj C. (an….ac) WON $400
Margaret M. (ma….et) WON $400
Marie P. (oo….e2) WON $400
Mark G. (ma….ct) WON $70
Melanie F. (mi….ie) WON $70
Michael W G. (li….os) WON $200
Michelle L. (mj….ng) WON $70
Miriam B. (ba….ig) WON $70
Moshe K. (mk….n1) WON $400
Patricia D. (pd….84) WON $400
Patricia S. (yt….ap) WON $70
Ralph R. (jr….ms) WON $70
Rick W. (ri….ey) WON $400
Robert M. (ro….08) WON $400
Roberta L. (ro….62) WON $400
Robyn R. (do….yn) WON $300
Ruth S. (da….23) WON $70
S A J. (su….an) WON $20
Shari C. (sr….rc) WON $50
Shari C. (sr….rc) WON $70
Sharon H. (an….03) WON $70
Sue J. (sj….an) WON $700
Susan B. (bo….l8) WON $70
Susan C. (SK….23) WON $70
Susan S. (la….en) WON $400
Tana R. (db….le) WON $70
Tanya J. (tl….56) WON $400
Theresa D. (te….28) WON $70
Timothy W. (ti….my) WON $400
Tina P. (pr….ra) WON $70
Tom W. (to….19) WON $70
Toni L. (mo….34) WON $400
Valerie E. (vo….ia) WON $70
Veronique B. (pi….gn) WON $40
Willie O. (wi….eo) WON $70
Jackpot Capital’s Around the World
$20,000 in prizes every week!

Its holiday time and that means vacation time. Jackpot Capital is taking you on luxurious trip around the world. Five locations in five weeks! But you’ll need weekly spending money. How does it work? Simply play your favorite games in the casino and climb your way up the scoreboard each week. The more you play, the higher you climb and the more cash you’ll have. How much of the $20,000 will YOU take each week? Collect your cash every Monday!

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Your rank is:
Hi ,

Your rank is:
Your Past Week’s Results

  • Week 1 10/12
  • Week 2 Begins Dec 17
  • Week 3 Begins Dec 24
  • Week 4 Begins Dec 31
  • Week 5 Begins Jan 7
Total Around the
World Bonuses won
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  • You must have at least $50 in deposits during the promotion period to participate.

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However the minimum deposits required for this round is $50. Our records indicate that you only need to deposit an additional $ to qualify.

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